Our Mission

Our organization is a leader in providing educational opportunities to persons involved with enforcement of building, fire and land use codes across Tennessee. Each year we host an annual conference that offers educational opportunities targeted toward meeting the demands of a construction environment that is rapidly changing. As codes officials and persons involved in the construction industry we are being asked to work smarter and faster – we feel education contributes heavily in meeting this demand for efficiency.

Our organization and its members are routinely involved in the model codes development process helping to insure that codes remain current with the latest construction technologies. We monitor legislation at all levels of government keeping our members and their respective communities abreast of pending legislation that can affect them. When necessary we work as a membership or contract with persons to aide us in influencing legislation that affects our communities and the inspector. Whether your community is involved in codes enforcement or your business is regulated through enforcement membership in our organization can benefit you. We provide for several levels of participation.  We urge you to look at the opportunities our organization offers you.

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