This committee helps advise the current president and board.  It is comprised of chapter presidents and is chaired by the Immediate Past President.


The awards committee is responsible for handling award applications and the process.  This also includes selecting and purchasing plaques and gifts.


Accountable for making sure the governing document is upheld.  Hears and reviews any proposed amendments before voting takes place by the membership.


Communication to our membership is the most important aspect of our association.  This committee handles all correspondence both internally and exterior for the association.


This committee selects the conference location for the following year.  It also acts as the coordinators for the conference.


The door prize committee helps facilitate and purchase door prizes for various conference events including auction items, president's reception and closing business.


Obligated to finding and securing the best education available for our annual conference, this group networks and establishes relationships with educators ultimately providing roughly fifty (50) hours of classroom instruction.


Vendors play an intricate role in the success of the annual conference.  This group recruits exhibitors to take part in the event while building lasting relationships for both the association and industry professionals.


This committee's duty is to put together the largest fund raiser for the TBOA Scholarship.  Coordinating with a local golf course, vendors and players alike all proceeds go towards sending children of Code Officials to college.


Making sure attendees enjoy themselves is something we take seriously.  The collection of individuals is task with providing a great atmosphere full of fun, games and most importantly networking.


The legislative committee is the liaison and voice of the TBOA in all State matters.  Primary duties include updating TBOA BOD and members of upcoming legislation, partnering with other organizations to enact meaningful change and providing opinions on rules and laws.


Required to review and interview all applicants seeking to serve on the Board of Directors.  Upon the completion of the process, reports to the membership and makes recommendations based on their findings.


This committee works diligently to create awareness and register all attendees for the annual conference.  They are charged with creating badges, staffing the registration booth and acting as the information hub for the event.


The official expression of opinion for the TBOA, this group creates and issues all resolutions for the year.  All resolutions are read during closing business at the Tennessee Code Official's Conference.


Responsible for the maintenance and implementation of the Association's website and social media accounts.