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TBOA Conference 2024

Join us in Gatlinburg, Sunday April 14, 2024, through Wednesday April 17, 2024

SB2100/HB1892 - Summary as Amended 

From summary: "Requires a local jurisdiction to issue a certificate of occupancy..." 

Gary Farley retiring from Commerce & Insurance

March 22, 2024

Sources have confirmed that Mr. Farley

has retired effective 4-15-2024

Gary Farley_edited_edited.png

Legislative Update

All bills conglomerated in one place with pertinent information

 ANOTHER! New Proposed Legislation SB2834, HB2925

Proposed legislation makes changes to 2018 IBC allowing six story Group R-2 to be served by single a exit

Proposed Legislation SB2635, HB2787

Proposed legislation removes sprinkler requirement for 3- and 4-family dwellings

Rulemaking Hearing - Dept. of Commerce, April 29, 2024 at 10 AM

State of Tennessee Code Updates

Senate Bill 2100; House Bill 1892

Proposed legislation which could dramatically affect our industry

Newschannel5 story on SB2100 & HB 1892

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