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The great Steve Mills is representing TBOA


TML's 2024 Conference is underway, and we are represented

SFMO inspects portable tiny homes

Transportable homes on wheels

are inspected by SFMO

Tennessee Lookout (news article)

Third-Party Inspections


TML Legislative Report

Third-Party Inspections

TBOA Update from Legislative Chair

White Paper Report, by Steve Mills

TBOA July Virtual Training

Means of Egress in Assembly Occupancies


Mary Beth Gribble - Interim Assistant Commissioner

Department of Commerce

SB2100/HB1892 - Summary as Amended 

From summary: "Requires a local jurisdiction to issue a certificate of occupancy..." 

Legislative Update

All bills conglomerated in one place with pertinent information

 ANOTHER! New Proposed Legislation SB2834, HB2925

Proposed legislation makes changes to 2018 IBC allowing six story Group R-2 to be served by single a exit

Proposed Legislation SB2635, HB2787

Proposed legislation removes sprinkler requirement for 3- and 4-family dwellings

Rulemaking Hearing - Dept. of Commerce, April 29, 2024 at 10 AM

State of Tennessee Code Updates

Senate Bill 2100; House Bill 1892

Proposed legislation which could dramatically affect our industry

Newschannel5 story on SB2100 & HB 1892

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